Mobiuz Crypto Blockchain:
Zero-Fraud Ads in Ubers, Taxis, and Buses Worldwide.


This is the Future of Advertising.

Mobiuz delivers Ad-Fraud-Impervious, Verified, Genuine, Authenticated Ads, and only charge by-the-impression, making sure to deliver an advertisement only when its facial-detection software recognizes an actual, living, human face looking in its direction. Empowered by the Blockchain, advertisers can be certain that records are reliable, trustworthy and up-to-date with instant transactions, instead of compiled and inaccurate 'guesstimates'. Drivers will stand to earn significant revenue from acting as a Distributor to help deliver these advertisements to Passengers worldwide.

No other platform employs a blockchain-powered, blockchain-class security, decentralized, reliable, bandwidth-light In-Vehicle Advertising - as Mobiuz does.

24-hr Time-to-Market (TTM) Globally

Win an AdSlot Bid today from the comfort of your mobile phone, and have your Advertisements triggered globally tomorrow.


Mobiuz-engineered Facial, Eyeball Tracking and Anti-Fraud Algorithms residing on the Blockchain make Mobiuz highly resistant and impervious to Fraud.

Impervious to Ad-Blockers

Everyone's using Ad-Blockers today. Even Grampa and Granma are wisening up. Software is even created with Ad-Blockers as a default feature - Mobiuz? Mobiuz doesn't care.

Luxurious Display

All Mobiuz-enabled vehicles are programatically "sniffed-out" to ascertain if they are using High Definition 1080p Touchscreen Interactive tablets/ display panels.

Chrono-HyperLocalized, Programmatic Advertising

Nobody liked advertisements that are totally irrelevant to them. "Why, would I need hair product? My hair is fabulous!"

Captive-Receptive Audience

No more 1/2 second glancing views. We still don't get it. How are TVs, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, Bus Lines – or most ad outlets out there, still getting inquiries?? (We're kidding. We know exactly what's happening to them).


Your customers are of the highest priority to you. They are to us too, which is why we have taken steps and care not to turn them off with obtrusive, cold, lifeless advertisements. The Passengers take part in the ecosystem, rewarding themselves with Loyalty points that can be redeemed for cash, prizes and promotions, while enjoying edutainment of businesses around them at their current given location.

Buyers Decide Prices

Marketers and Advertisers decide for themselves what is fair price for these AdSlots through Bidding, and turnaround time is at an astounding 24-hrs, globally. An Advertiser in Germany, for example – will be able to reach out to millions of targeted Singaporean customers within 24 hours, and with just a few clicks.

Blockchain-Class Security

With Blockchain technology at its core, everything that is being recorded or has been recorded in Mobiuz, are exactly the things that happened. Mobiuz doesn't "consolidate" transactions on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis; every transaction is effected instantly, automatically. This is a two-way street. You can't game the system. And neither can we. So let us play ball!

A Platform that Benefits EVERYONE.


An Advertiser simply logs in to the Mobiuz website, uploads his or her Advertisement, wins an Advertisement Slot (AdSlot) through our transparent bidding system, and that’s it! The Advertisement will be efficiently smart-triggered at the exact time and location specified in the reserved AdSlot.

Drivers & Fleets

A Driver just needs to install the Mobiuz App on his or her cellphone and (multiple) Tablets. With a "Wake-On-Engine" feature, the devices automatically power on when the Vehicle is in operation, and the Advertisements will be smart-triggered to play when Passengers are detected. Every Advertisement will automatically pay-out to Drivers, whom can cash out their earnings at any time they choose.

Traders & Speculators

We have designed the Mobiuz engine to act like a Derivatives Market, which enables Speculators and Traders to secure the rights to large "chunks" of available AdSlots. Speak to us if AdSlots-as-A-Commodity makes sense to you.

Facebookers & Bloggers

Attention to all Facebookers, Bloggers, Vloggers, and Affiliate/Network/Direct Marketers! As a Mobiuz Ambassador, you can introduce Advertisers, Drivers, and/or Fleet Operators to Mobiuz and be rewarded indefinitely based on their transactional volume. You will earn every time your Advertiser has his or her Advertisement triggered, or when your Driver or Fleet Operatorís Vehicle triggers an Advertisement. More FAQs and details inside the Member's Area! Login, or Signup now!


If you are an Advertising Agency or a similar organization, you are warmly welcomed to successfully win AdSlots, while retaining the profits and mark-ups you have acquired with your direct clients. Speak to us if Bulk Discounts makes sense to you.

Business Analysts

Mobiuz is fully tuned in to the capabilities of the IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, in addition to Blockchain Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency. With the planned ubiquity of Mobiuz-enabled vehicles worldwide, coupled with various Business Intelligence Tools, including Facial-Recognition, Geo-Tagging, Traffic, and many other signals and information, Mobiuz is at the forefront of the Market Intelligence sector.

Advertising made easy.

1. Bid

Decide your own prices, and win an Adslot through our transparent bidding system, from the convenience of your mobile phone!

2. Advertise Globally

Trigger your ads globally within 24 hours of winning your bids, in specific times and locations. For example, choose to advertise only during lunchtime!

3. Charged By-The-Impression

With our Facial, Eyeball Tracking and Anti-Fraud Algorithms. No human face? No charge!

Kiss Ad Fraud Goodbye.

Global Ad Fraud in Digital Advertising *alone* is projected to reach $16.4B USD in 2017. Fraudulent software (bots) accounts for approximately 60% of Internet traffic - or 25% to 50% of the global digital advertising budget.

"Right now, only 40% of all advertising dollars are reaching the consumer, the rest lost to intermediaries and waste. “the goal is to raise it to 70%, and there is no reason why we can’t."

Marc S. Pritchard - CMO of P&G, the worlds largest ad spender, on Forbes Magazine.


Be Smart. Go Blockchain

A Business Structure that Rewards YOU

Refer Partners and Build a Passive Income Stream with Mobiuz.

Whether you're a Driver, Advertiser, Trader, Analyst, or even just a Facebooker, Blogger, Youtuber, or a Network, Affiliate, Referral, MultiLevel, Direct Marketer - it doesn't matter. Mobiuz enables you to introduce other users into Mobiuz, and you earn from whatever it is they spend, or earn.

If you' have a lively social media network, and you learn how to take advantage of the Mobiuz business model, you can introduce other Facebookers, Drivers, and Advertisers that you know of, and earn a cut out of their earnings, or spendings. That also means that, if they do not earn, or spend, you earn nothing either, so it is best to invest into introducing only high-quality users!

You can even introduce exclusively other Facebookers, Bloggers, Youtubers, and hope that they will recruit spenders and earners (i.e. Drivers, Advertisers and Traders). As long as someone down the line earns, or spends, you will indirectly earn a cut out of all those transactions. Best of all, all of these transactions are handled by The Blockchain - thus, all transactions are accurate, immediate, and authentic!

Account Creation and Participation is absolutely free without any purchase or investments involved. Refer users from all over the world, and still earn whenever transactions (earnings, spendings) happens anywhere on your downline. Sign up for a Pioneer Account and enjoy higher returns and rates!

Be a MobiBassador

A vision for a revolution

Mobiuz is redefining advertising and is making it beneficial for all. That is our vision for a revolution - a revolution fueled by global communities that are empowered to change with us and break the status quo.
Be part of the Mobiuz community today and see how Mobiuz can help you, your business and your community grow.

How much does a Driver earn?

A Mobiuz Driver could expect to earn:

USA: More than $300 per month
Germany: More than Euro$250 per month
UK: More than GBP$234 per month
Canada: More than CAD$370 per month
Singapore: More than SGD$420 per month
*Excludes promotions, perks, and incentives. Stay tuned!

  • General Estimates
  • For Guidance Only
  • Pioneer Sign-Ups get Enhanced Commissions

Be a Mobiuz Driver

Frequently Asked Questions.

Not if you switch the volume off. Passengers are Mobiuz’ utmost priority and concern – we go out of our way to make sure that they are receptive to having high-quality Advertisements delivered to them in a subtle manner. Mobiuz Ads are programmed to play silently, while allowing Passengers to switch on the Volume and Replay Advertisements at their discretion. Additionally, the Video Ads will play only once every 3 minutes, otherwise displaying a fun and informative GPS flightmap of the journey.
Tablet speakers sound bad and will just ruin the whole advertising experience and message delivery. The Tablets are connected to the car’s sound system. Whenever a Passenger chooses to activate the Volume, it will fade out all other sounds (i.e. the Radio) and provide the Passenger with an immersive experience.
Most, if not all, Taxi and Uber Cabs worldwide have already installed fully-recording cameras aimed at Passengers, as well as the road ahead and behind, for their own personal protection in the event that they need such evidence. Mobiuz, on the other hand, does not record anything whatsoever – the function cannot even produce personally-identifiable data as it is. It simply identifies whether or not there are two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and if they are indeed moving. That’s basically it. It wouldn’t even be able to tell if your disguise cloaking device had failed, possibly revealing your greenish, purplish skin…
Ridesharing companies do not have any legal rights to disallow the Mobiuz App from operating as it is. If you are an Investor, or otherwise require in-depth understanding of the legalities of this, feel free to drop us a note. As for Advertisers whom are concerned about their Bids potentially causing a freeze in their funds; Drivers whom are worried that they might be ordered to stop; Traders and Speculators worrying about whether or not AdSlots-As-A-Commodity could erode in value – we assure you that this is perfectly legal.
Mobiuz is at the cutting edge of technology and enjoys Blockchain-Class security. The first example of Blockchain technology in action is Bitcoin, and eight years of relentless attacks and $16 Billion dollars later, it still remains completely impervious to hacking attempts. Mobiuz also enjoys the fail-safe features of state-of-the art, global, decentralized, cryptographic, declustered-data engines made possible by the likes of Hadoop and Interplanetary File System (IPFS).
Mobiuz has designed its consumer-grade Tablets not only to fully compete with the current market offerings from industry leaders, but it is built specifically to withstand in-car summer heat or winter cold as a design requirement. Likewise, the glass and casing that come with it are designed to be tamper, theft, and vandal-resistant, while maintaining a crystal clear, luxurious 1080p touchscreen interactive facia.

More detailed FAQs are available in the Mobiuz Members Area. Click here to Login / Register. First 500 signups per country get Pioneer status! $0 account fees. Forever.


Christian Ballnath


• Ex Managing Director at Siemens AG

• Ex Special Advisor to two Prime Ministers of

Serbia and the state-owned utility company

EPS on behalf of the German Government (BMWI).

Sandeep Aurora

Mobiuz HQ, M.B.O

Ex CMO, Intel.

• Stepped down from Intel as CMO into

Mobiuz as CEO Mobiuz India.

• Area Biz Manager at HCL Technologies.

Benjamin Reynolds


• President at Reynolds Electric (AZ, USA)

Professor Rudolf Mauch, PhD, MBA

Chief of Financials, M.O.B

• PhD in Law and Business Administration,

BA in Marketing & Accounting

• Owner of Mauch & Partners Management


• Professor at the University of Economics

Prague for 14 years


Donald Lee

CMO, Mobiuz Korea

President & CEO of 11 different companies

Companies in industries such as automotive, power plants, generators, boats, stationery, trading, cryptocurrency, plus more

Enterpreneur in South Korea for more than 25 years

Kairos Siddhartha Kaizen

Inventor, Founder, CEO, M.O.B.
"The Captain"

• Entrepreneur since age 10

• One of the first in Asia to self-learn

Flash and Actionscript

• IBM-SAP-PwC Ministry of

Defence ESPO Project

• From humble beginnings, made

his first's $1'M at age 27

• First team of 8-strong employees at age 24

Pre-invented, Foresaw and/or invested into

Youtube, Uber Eats, Bitcoin @$200, Ethereum

@ $8, and many more

Sameer Seth, MBA

Chief of Sales (pending finalization)

• Director Sales & BD at The National

Advertising Challenge (N. AM)

• Region Head Sales at Hotstar OTT, 21st

Century Fox (Asian version of Hulu)

• Group Head Sales (Ad-Sales & Brand

Partnerships) at Bennet Coleman and Co. Ltd.

(Times Group)

Gaurav K Gupta, MBA

Chief Architect, Mobiuz India

• CMO at MB Solution (P) LTD

Director at Eprice Soft Limited

Ponchit Ponce-Enrile Rocha, MBA

Chief of Marketing, M.O.B.

• Managing Director and Agency Partner of

TMG Asia (Manila - Barcelona - Tokyo)

• Brand and Marketing Strategist for Southeast

Asia for global brands Chopard, Rolex,

Hyundai, Jollibee and more

• MBA, International Academy of Management and Economics

Luke Henderson

Chief of Operations, M.O.B.

• Single handedly created an eCommerce

business that sourced and sold on

international markets.

• Single handedly built a mobile app

development company that has serviced

individuals and companies across the globe.

• Professional level photographer and


Prity Khastgir, MBA

Chief of IP, Legal, & Compliance

Goldman Sachs Executive MBA

• (current, 7+ years) Founder, CEO, and Head

of IP/IPR/PV, Tech Corp International

Strategist, India

• (current, 2+ years) Legal Counsel, BIMTECH

• (ex) IP Facilitator, Patent Office, IP,

Ministry of Commerce & Industry, INDIA

Frederic Tubale

Chief of Information

• (current) Digital Lead at "Leading Global

Investment and Banking Firm"

($10.2 Billion)

• A UX Technologist with 18 years of

experience spanning from user experience

design (UX/UI), digital marketing, web

development, e-commerce, and e-learning.

•ReactJs, Bootstrap, HTML5

FinTech, Machine Learning, AI

Big Data, Mobile, Bots, BlockChain, & IoT

Daniel Yap

Head of MobiBOSS, Crypto Offmarket OTC

Publisher at

The Middle Ground Pte Ltd

• Editor at

• Entrepreneur, Creative writer since

2001, from annual reports, books,

feature films,

marketing collaterals, and


• (Advertising copywriting, editorial

consultancy, creative consultancy,

scriptwriting, publications, film and


Ronald De Guzman

Chief of Cryptography, Stress, & Security

• Cryptography and Digital Issuance

• Message Encryption

• MIS Management

• Server and Network Security and


• Credit Cards and Processing

• Online Lottery application development

• Advertising and Affiliate Marketing software

• Capacity as Team Lead with exposure to

Citibank, SM Group, HSBC, Banco De Oro,

Rakesh Moturi, MSc

Chief of Technology

• (current) Lead, Digital Innovations, Blockchain

Solution Architect, at $4.8 Bln Global

Payments Company

• (ex) Identity and Integration Solution

Architect, Management &

Sharepoint Portal (9 years)

• (ex) Entrepreneur, "IoT Consult"

• (ex) Team Leader, Seniour

Software Development

• Masters in Internet and Software Technology

Field of Study Software Development,

Service Oriented Architecture

(IT-Universitetet i København)

Bryan Woods

Chief of R&D

25+ years software dev

• 8+ years as Tech Lead including at NIKE and

Western Union

• "Internet Identity" System

• ECC, EDSA, Agile, Scrum, JIRA Grasshopper,

DBA, Mobile, Web, CryptoExchange,

Forex, Manufacturing, Telecom

• Author of several real and deployed smart

contracts currently in service

• Defence, Transportation, Multimedia, Forest

Fire Protection, FOREX, Cable networks,

Western Union, and NIKE Tech


Camill Cebulla

Stress & Security

Intl. Business Development at Group-IB, a

leading cyber security company.

• M. Director of inQuest Internationnal

• Sales Manager at Human Search

• Project Manager at Friedrich Ebert


Oleh Merezhko

Head of Mobiuz Core, and Proximuz,
plus overall Jedi Master

• 25+ years in C/C++/Java, Linux, Android.

• IoT, Signals, Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes,

Content Streaming

• Frontend, UX/UI, Testing Mgmt, Geotagging,

Geolocation, Google Maps, Global Navigation

Satellite System

• Signals, antennas, NMEA standards, data

processing and transmission

Marco Mengele

Social & Community

• Community Manager at Patron

• Founder and CEO of Crypto Trading Fund and

Equality - Power to the People

• Expert in deep analysis and ratings of ICOs

• Also engages directly with the crypto

community as mod or admin in the best and

biggest cryptocurrency groups worldwide

including Cryptocurrency Investing.

Bonnie Normile

Sales & Industry

• Advisor to Nousplatform, FarmaTrust

SmartMesh and Decentralized Escrow.

• Analyst at ICOBench; Board member of

Israeli Blockchain Association;

U.S. ambassador to Perhalic Group; Partner

at Coinsulters Blockchain Media; Member of

the International Blockchain Association



Christopher Ballnath, MBA

Business Administration

• 13 years of sales, business development

and finance experience in the banking,

IT and insurance industry.

• Account manager for Allianz and EMC,

Associate Director at UBS AG,

Director at ALPE Consulting.

Kyle Wang

Development and Industry

• Penn State University, Bachelors in Finance

• (current) Senior Consultant, IBM America

• (ex) Strategy & Analytics Consultant, IBM America

• (ex) President, Sapphire Leadership Program

• (ex) Market and Financial Analyst, Various

Jarrod Luo

Operations & Industry

• M. Director at Tembusu Systems.

Ortus Media Pte Ltd.

2BITE Consulting Pte Ltd.

• Co-founder of Tembusu Systems,

and the "TRUST" Blockchain.

• Founding Sec-Gen ACCESS (Associa-

tion of Crypto-currency Enterprises

and Startups